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Ariel view of Fleurish Flower Farm and the grass runway.

Taking Flight

Fly In For Events

Nestled near the serene beauty of sprawling flower fields, this grass runway offers a picturesque landing for aviators seeking a unique destination. The airstrip is a gateway to extraordinary experiences and exclusive events such as you-pick events, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more. There’s always something blooming at Fleurish Flower Farm. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events or for an appointment!

Our on-site, grass runway truly makes Fleurish Flower Farm a unique experience. Pilots are welcome to land personal planes for official farm events, feature stories, and more. Hope to see you touch down soon!

Use The Runway

Whether you’re a local pilot or one from the tri-state area, you’re welcome to fly in for any event or by appointment. Contact Chad Heckathorn at

605-675-0111 for runway conditions, parking, courtesy car usage and to notify Fleurish Flower Farm of your flight plans.


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The Airstrip Details

Coordinates: 42°45'28"N 96°40'10"W

Elevation: 1130 ft

Dimensions: 2400x90

Windsock: Located at Center South Edge

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF): 122.75

Not FAA Registered

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Grass — Excellent, Well-Maintained

Drainage — Excellent

No Lighting

No Obstacles Off Runway Ends

Check out the article in Flying Magazine featuring Fleurish Flower Farm and our unique grass runway.


Flying Magazine cover featuring Fleurish Flower Farm.