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Vintage green sedan with a bride sitting in the drivers seat. Her bridesmaid is standing next to her both are holding Fleurish Flower Farm bouquets.
Tablescape at a wedding reception of Fleurish Flower Farm flowers.

Blooms for Brides & Grooms

Fleurish Flower Farm is a farmer-florist design studio dedicated to both providing full-service weddings or bulk flowers for the DIY couple.

Fleurish specializes in farm-fresh flowers grown right on our property, ensuring a uniqueness that's hard to find elsewhere. Elevate your wedding with stunning arrangements of hand-picked blooms that are tailored to your vision.

Our seasonal floral designs are meticulously crafted with a focus on texture and color and inspired by the personalities of the soon-to-be newlyweds. We take pride in featuring heirloom varieties of specialty flowers and foliage.

Begin your journey with us by scheduling a personal consultation. This is your opportunity to share ideas and seek expert recommendations from our seasoned wedding team. With over 25 years of floral design experience, we will bring a masterful eye and creative touch to your big day.

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Bridal Events

Minimum 10 Guests at $50+ per Person

Make your bachelorette party or bridal shower memorable. Schedule a private Make and Take class or private You-Pick event to celebrate!

DIY Bride

See Bulk Bloom Buckets below for more information

Looking to be your own floral designer? Schedule a private You-Pick event, pick the flowers, and create beautiful arrangements! 



Wedding Design

Hire a seasoned wedding florist to create gorgeous, custom florals

  • Full-service wedding floral design
  • Services begin at $2,000
  • Find our work @fleurishfix on Insta
  • Schedule a consultation to learn more


Bulk Bloom Bucket

Perfect for the DIY bride or creative event planner

  • $100 for around 50-60 in-season stems
  • Offered seasonally
  • Includes private You-Pick session
  • Contact us to place an order


Consultation First Steps: