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Our Roots

Thelma's Kitchen

You might recognize this charming house as Fleurish Flower Farm’s logo, but the roots of this little cottage actually go back over 100 years ago. When the Heckathorns acquired the site in 2015, they found the remains of an impressive 1800s farm operation, previously owned by Thelma Kalstad. Although most of the buildings were eventually torn down, Christy saw potential in the quiet summer kitchen. 

Summer kitchens were commonplace in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Aptly named, the small, shed-like buildings were used as summertime kitchens to keep the main farmhouse cooler. The advent of running water and AC made most summer kitchens obsolete. Thelma, however, lived her farmhouse until 1998 with neither.

Thelma's charming summer kitchen. The serene porch covered in greenery and a white porch swing complete the cozy feel.

Bygone Era

Thelma’s summer kitchen once sat just steps behind her house. The small porch has the year 1908 written in the corner of the concrete. Original vines still climb the front porch, and some of Thelma’s irises also bloom in the grove behind. It’s all a glimpse of a bygone era. The front porch swing overlooks the flower field, which is located on the site of the 1800s cattle lot.

On your next visit, be sure to check out the summer kitchen. Relax on the front porch swing and enjoy the dreamy view in the summer sunset. 

Thelma's Summer Kitchen covered in greenery in the summer.